7G Lightest Blonde | Clairol Textures & Tones Hair Dye Color Box Dye




Clairol Professional is all about breaking barriers and giving you more color options, so you can live by your own color code. A full collection to achieve your desired look. Permanent Hair Color Texture & Tones luxurious Permanent Hair Color and Conditioning System is formulated to provide fade-resistant results. Choose from a wide range of shades including red, brunette and blonde shades to get the perfect look and up to 100% gray coverage. This moisture-rich permanent hair color provides deep conditioning. Express yourself with Texture & Tones. Gentle, anti-fade formula Texture & Tones Permanent Hair Color and Conditioning System provides long-lasting color and shine. Formulated with moisture-rich conditioning it is gentle enough to use with relaxed or natural hair. Proven conditioning system This ammonia free, texture-loving, moisture-rich permanent color conditions the hair with jojoba and five botanical extracts to help bring out the best of your personal beauty. Long-lasting, rich & vibrant color The deep conditioned outer layer of the hair Textures & Tones was specially designed to compliment all textured hair. Get rich, durable and vibrant color results with this unique coloring system. Before – what to prepare You’ll need a towel, t-shirt, a timer, and your favorite Textures & Tones shade. We recommend you use a protective barrier cream like coconut oil along the hairline to protect from staining your skin. What’s in the Textures & Tones kit: -Moisture-rich hair color -Developing lotion in precision tip applicator bottle -Intensive moisturizing conditioner -Instructions & professional colorist gloves Step 1 – roots 1. Divide hair into 4 sections and clip into place for easier color application. 2. Apply color to each section from roots to ends with the bottle applicator. *For this look we used Textures & Tones 5G Step 2 – ends 1. Massage color thoroughly all over for even distribution. 2. Process for 30 minutes- (20 minutes if hair is chemically relaxed) Final Look 1. Rinse with warm water and gently work into a lather until water runs clear. 2. Apply the Natural Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner. Wait 2-3 minutes then rinse.