Jar 200g Anti Dandruff And Conditioning Cream For Rapid And Healthy Hair Growth




A MULTI-PURPOSE CREAM THAT WORKS EFFECTIVELY IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE Helps to grow hair rapidly …. rated as an excellent hair growth cream becasue it norishes the hair folicles. This product was created because of how frequent braiding can damage hair follicles, by using this cream regularly hair grows back quicker and the tightness experienced after a new braid loosens much quicker. Also excellent for damage caused to hair by cold weather conditions, stress, chemicals, bad hair dressing and much much more. This cream is also a very effective anti dandruff and conditioning cream, which actually grows the hair. VIRGIN HAIR FERTILIZER can be used for many purposes 1. Rapid Hair Growth 2. Anti Dandruff 3. Conditioner 4. It leaves your hair shining Ingredients: Herbal extracts, Petroleum Jelly, peppermint oil, Shea butter, Lanolin and Fragrance.