RED 2000 Detangler Ceramic Blow Dryer #BD13



  1. 2000 Watt Ceramic Blow Dryer: This specification indicates a powerful blow dryer with a ceramic heating element, suggesting efficient and quick drying.
  2. Additional Styling Attachments: The inclusion of styling attachments enhances the versatility of the hair dryer. In this case, it comes with a patented double-layered detangler pik, a single-layered detangler pik, and an air concentrator. These attachments provide options for detangling, precise styling, and directing airflow.
  3. 3 Temperature Settings: The availability of three temperature settings allows users to customize the drying process based on their personal hair type and styling preferences. This feature contributes to flexibility and adaptability.
  4. Tourmaline Ceramic Technology: The mention of tourmaline ceramic technology is significant. Tourmaline ceramic materials are known for emitting negative ions, which can contribute to smoother and healthier hair by reducing frizz and sealing in moisture. This is particularly beneficial for achieving a sleek and polished look.
  5. Hanger Loop for Easy Storage: The hanger loop is a practical feature for easy storage. Users can hang the dryer conveniently, keeping it organized and accessible.