Red By Kiss Bow Wow X Twist King Luxury Twist Styler HSO5




  • Effortless cleaning: Simply rinse the brush under running water to remove residue and debris, ensuring a clean and fresh brush for your styling needs..
  • Ergonomic shape: Achieve comfortable and precise hairstyling with our Twist King, featuring an ergonomic shape for effortless handling and a specially designed texture that provides optimal grip, ensuring better control and precision while styling your hair..
  • Patent-pending washable design: Twist King features a unique, patent-pending washable design that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Keep your brush free from product buildup and enjoy optimal hygiene..
  • 30% Slimmer & Lighter: The new Twist King features a specially designed dense hole pattern and curved shape, allowing for effortless styling of larger twists, coils, and curls, with precise definition and control..
  • Enhanced durability: Made from high-quality materials, our Twist King is built to withstand repeated washings without compromising its performance or structure. It is designed to be your long-term grooming companion..