Red by Kiss Titanium Pencil Edge Styler 3/10″ Flat Iron Thinnest 450



  1. Reaches up to 450ºF with fast heat up time:
    • The tool has a high maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for versatile styling, and it heats up quickly for efficient use.
  2. Designed for Natural Hair and Edge Styling:
    • The design of the tool is tailored to meet the needs of natural hair, and it’s suitable for precise styling, including working on the edges.
  3. Titanium plates for a shiny, healthy-looking finish:
    • The use of titanium plates in the styling tool contributes to a smooth and shiny finish, promoting the appearance of healthy hair.
  4. Even heat distribution to prevent damaging hot spots:
    • The tool is designed to distribute heat evenly across the plates, reducing the risk of hot spots that can lead to hair damage.
  5. Tangle-free 360º swivel cord allows for comfortable styling:
    • The 360º swivel cord rotates freely, minimizing the chances of the cord tangling during use, providing ease and comfort during the styling process.